Friday, March 27, 2009

Starting to Prime

I am going to prime my model. Using the poor mans choice... Tamiya Sky grey acrylic paint. Actually i dont have any tamiya fine primer. So instead of driving 20 miles to buy some, I decided to use what I have. All primer does is help the actual paint stick to the model. The correct phrase would be to give it some teeth.

I am using an Iwata hpc air brush, and some acrylic thinner. You can use 97% alchohol if you dont have any acrylic thinner. Ive used alcohol many times and my models have come out fine.

Here are the primed pieces. It took me about 15 minutes to prime all of the pieces.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally starting my gundam

Howdy Yall!!!

Ive been on leave for few months. Completely away from model making.

Here are a few of my tools that I use.

Ok the first thing I learned about gundams/model making, is that it pays to add a little extra touch. Here are the stickers that come with the gundam. They are foil stickers but look like crap. I will use BARE METAL FOIL. This is a very sticky foil that molds to whatever you stick it on.

As you can see the foil adds some type of depth. This is a waaaay better than adding the sticker.

Well it looks pretty good as is, but these are supposed to be green. I painted the yellow plastic with Tamiya transparent green. Once I let it dried, i then reapplied the bare metal foil.

Here is what it looks like applied to this little guys head. There is a lot of depth with this easy technique.

Now lets work on the face. Once again we have these really cheap foil stickers. I will use the bare metal foil and apply it to the eyes

Here is what it looks like after I apply the foil. I used a toothpick to smooth everything out and get into those hard places.

I use a fine point permanent marker to paint the black around the eyes.

Again I will use the foil for his head piece.

There werent a lot of seems. Here is the obvious one.

This is what i used to fill the seams.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Model Making...


Well my extensive gundam blog that I wrote a very long time ago has disappeared. I had everything from video, techniques, and tools. I really dont know how my stuff disappeared but oh well.

Iam just not into Gunpla but model making in general. Ill be updating soon.