Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Finally starting my gundam

Howdy Yall!!!

Ive been on leave for few months. Completely away from model making.

Here are a few of my tools that I use.

Ok the first thing I learned about gundams/model making, is that it pays to add a little extra touch. Here are the stickers that come with the gundam. They are foil stickers but look like crap. I will use BARE METAL FOIL. This is a very sticky foil that molds to whatever you stick it on.

As you can see the foil adds some type of depth. This is a waaaay better than adding the sticker.

Well it looks pretty good as is, but these are supposed to be green. I painted the yellow plastic with Tamiya transparent green. Once I let it dried, i then reapplied the bare metal foil.

Here is what it looks like applied to this little guys head. There is a lot of depth with this easy technique.

Now lets work on the face. Once again we have these really cheap foil stickers. I will use the bare metal foil and apply it to the eyes

Here is what it looks like after I apply the foil. I used a toothpick to smooth everything out and get into those hard places.

I use a fine point permanent marker to paint the black around the eyes.

Again I will use the foil for his head piece.

There werent a lot of seems. Here is the obvious one.

This is what i used to fill the seams.

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